Day 1

1. What did you do today?

I received a hands-on experience at using the different the techniques to obtain pure caffeine, after which did the IR detection with the help of a Teaching Assistant. 

2. What did you learn today?

The positive effects of caffeine are that it removes drowsiness and helps us to me more alert, energetic and lively.

The negative effects of caffeine are that it may cause hallucination, depression, addiction, headaches and in worst case, death. However, this usually happens only when around 80 cups of caffeine is consumed daily. 

I have also experienced the proper methods to use the filtration devices. I have only been thought it theory-wise, but until today, I did not get to experience it hands-on. 

Separating the organic layer and the aqueous layer using the separating funnel.

3. How do you feel about today's activities?

Extraction requires one to be patient and careful as there are many small details and different processes.  I feel that today was a very fruitful experience and one that I will definitely sign up for again if given the chance

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